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3-D Printed L Bracket Design for PicoZed SDR FMC Carrier Card (AES-PZSDRCC-FMC-G)

This is a 3-D printed L bracket, intended for the PicoZed SDR FMC Carrier Card (AES-PZSDRCC-FMC-G). It can be mounted to the carrier card using nylon screws and standoffs.

From here, the U.FL to SMA cables which connect to thePicoZed SDR Z7035/AD9361 SOM (AES-Z7PZ-SDR2-G), can be securely fastened into the L bracket. This removes any danger of pulling on the U.FL connector found on the SOM and potentially damaging the PCB.

The bracket was designed using

Project Type: 
Hardware - FMC
Project Category: 
Wireless Comms
Product Reference: 
PicoZed (SDR) Development Kit