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Zedboard, Stream data from PL to PS to Ethernet

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Zedboard, Stream data from PL to PS to Ethernet

I have a stream of data generatedin the PL that i need to send over the ethernet. I want to access the ethenet using the PS. I has a couple of questions:
Do i have to write the data from PL to DRAM first and then have PS read it from DRAM and forward it to ethernet?
Since i have a steady data stream at x mb/s coming in from PL, and if PS has to read data from DRAM starting from some start address, how do i keep track of which DRAM address has valid data and which address does not have valid data. In other words how i synch my PS processing with the incoming stream so i read data from DRAM and send it out through ethernet wihtout missing any samples.

Hey Fahmed6,

Hey Fahmed6,

Please take a look at this post