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Zedboard Progrming with JTAG(alone) Using Xilinx-14.2

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Zedboard Progrming with JTAG(alone) Using Xilinx-14.2

I new to zedboard(XC7Z020).I want to dump the VHDL/Verilog codes into the fpga through JTAG(Impact tool),So can i program the fpga through JTAG(alone) or we need Kernal code in SD code to program the fpga..........
In sd card i am having the kernal code to boot the board,If i program the board through JTAG do we need boot the kit from sd card or directly JTAG programing is enough to work as FPGA per my code functionality...........Help me
Thanks in advance...

RE: Zedboard Progrming with JTAG(alone) Using Xilinx-14.2

Hi satish.84ts,

You can use the iMPACT tool to program the Programmable Logic of the XC7Z020 device using JTAG only. This can be really useful if you are developing your own custom IP and just want to be able to test the behavior of your logic without involving the processing system at all.

You will want to make sure that you place the board into JTAG boot mode using the configuration mode jumpers. This is something that is covered in Section 2.10 of the Hardware User’s Guide which can be downloaded from the Documentation page of the website.

If you are connecting your Programmable Logic hardware to the Processing System, the same JTAG chain can be used to download and debug your standalone software as well. This is something that is covered in Chapter 3 of the Zynq Concepts, Tools, and Techniques on ZedBoard document found in the Reference Design section of site.



Thank you for your reply.....

Thank you for your reply.......