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Which JTAG kit do I need for my MicroZed?

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Which JTAG kit do I need for my MicroZed?

When I ordered my MicroZed it didn't come with a JTAG cable. It only came with the micro usb cable which to my knowledge only provides a means of power to the board.

What JTAG kit/cable do I need? I'm wanting the ability to do FPGA development and real-time linux development if this matters at all. I'm also doing all my development on a Linux CentOS 7 machine so any programming hardware would need to have drivers supported by Linux.
I've order the following component but I'm not sure if this is the correct part I need.
The above is just an adapter so I'm a bit confused. Usually I've seen these large red boxes (emulators/debuggers) with the word Xilinx written on them.
The two are drastically different it seems so was curious if the small little adapter I ordered was all I needed or not. Never worked with this type of board before or a Xilinx part in general so a bit of guidance and direct links of any parts I need is much appreciated.

The HS3 that you ordered will

The HS3 that you ordered will work. It is much newer, smaller, and less expensive than the Xilinx HW-USB-II Cable, but the HW-USB-II will also work.