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Where's the Vivado voucher number?

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Where's the Vivado voucher number?

I recently ordered a MicroZed board and the contents listing on the web page showed that a license key would be included for the Vivado Design Suite.  I triple checked my package and there's only an invoice included.
I contacted Avnet technical support for help and they directed me to go to www.xilinx/getlicense to obtain the software, but the website required either a voucher number(which the support person didn't give me) or I could choose to download an evaluation trial of either 30 or 60 days of Vivado Design Suite.
I understand there is also a free verstion with many features taken out and it doesn't come with the logic analyzer portion which I've read comes only with the licensed version. It's such a huge download that it feels rather silly to download and install it given that I'm supposed to have a license for the real thing.
If anyone knows where to find the voucher number, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

The license voucher was

The license voucher was removed from the MicroZed Evaluation Kit about 2 years ago. All websites and documentation were supposed to be updated at that time. I apologize if you found something that reflects the old information. Please let me know where you saw that and I will get that changed. Before typing this up, I double-check the Product Brief and the product page, and those are accurate.

The reason for making that change 2 years ago was the fact that Xilinx changed WebPACK to include the Logic Analyzer and Debug IP elements. You can verify that these features are included in WebPACK here:

Doing a comparison of Vivado HL Design Edition vs. Vivado HL WebPACK, the only difference is Partial Reconfiguration, which is not something we actively promote with MicroZed.

You should download and license the Vivado HL WebPACK. Note that WebPACK also must be licensed, but it is free. Go to www.xilinx/getlicense to request your free WebPACK license.


There is no license voucher

There is no license voucher now is my understanding.

You'll need the "Certificate-Based Node Locked License" or so I'm assuming is going to be the case along with the "free version" as you call it which is the WebPack HLx Edition. The way you request/generate that license is through the direct link that the Avent technical suppport folks gave you above which I'm guessing you already knew.

As for how you do this and how you install/configure Vivado may I suggest reading through the following documentation if you haven't yet. You didn't indicated it in your post so I'm assuming you haven't read it. Hope this helps.

It's good to know that I won

It's good to know that I won't be missing anything from the WebPACK edition. FYI, the contents listing appeared at checkout so I was rather surprised when it listed a Vivado license as part of the package. Thank you both @scy86dev and @fletch.