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Vivado Debug Tools + WebPack = Vivado Design Edition for smaller devices

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Vivado Debug Tools + WebPack = Vivado Design Edition for smaller devices

The Xilinx WebPACK Edition of the Vivado Design Suite supports the Zynq®-7000 All Programmable SoC Devices (XC7Z7010 - XC7Z7030) devices. This covers all the devices in the MicroZed and PicoZed families as well as ZedBoard.
As shown here, WebPack provides support for the Integrated Design Environment, Software Development Kit, and Vivado Simulator. Compared to Design Edition, the only features that WebPack lacks are the Vivado Logic Analyzer and Vivado Serial I/O Analyzer.
If you are interested in adding those features to your WebPack install, you can purchase the Vivado Debug Standalone (Part Number EF-VIVADO-DEBUG-NL). The combination of WebPack and Vivado Debug Standalone basically gives you the same capabilities of Vivado Design Edition for those devices supported within WebPack.
To purchase EF-VIVADO-DEBUG-NL, talk with your local Avnet/Silica sales office or order online.

2015.1 Lab Edition?

With the new 2015.1 Lab Edition, you get the debugging for free. Could that, combined with 2015.1 Web Pack do the same thing?

No, it looks like the Lab

No, it looks like the Lab Edition can only be used to debug a bitstream that has already had the debug cores (ILA, VIO, etc.) inserted or instantiated. The inputs to the Lab Edition are the bitstream and probe files. You can take a look at UG908 and the tutorial video below for details.

Vivado WebPack now includes Debug Cores

To update this thread it looks like Vivado WebPack, starting with version 2015.4, now includes the Debug Cores at no additional cost:
If you generated your WebPack license prior to the Vivado 2015.4 release you will just need to regenerate your license as documented in Chapter 5 of UG973: