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Vivado 2018 update/ upgrade

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Vivado 2018 update/ upgrade

I wonder if I need to upgrade from Vivado 2018.1 to 2018.2. I have only one board: Z-7000 based Minized. I couldn't find information about significant benefits.
Accodring to the "Vivado Design Suite 2018.2 Release Notes" there are many changes but I need confirmation "from practical point of view"...
on the other hand the upgrade will "cost" around 6GB.

Hello Marek,

Hello Marek,

Please ask this question over at Xilinx as it is in regards to their tool suite.

From my perspective it is always best to start any New Design in the latest suite as it has the most support. However if you in the middle of a design I suggest to stay with the starting design suite you are using.