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UDP frames Zedboard

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UDP frames Zedboard

I currently Work on the issue of UDP frames (From Zedboard to a computer) using the local network. I already managed via a C code in the SDK to communicate with Zedboard terminal odinateur (I Work on windows 7), but I have no idea about the UDP communication, help me please.


Almost certainly the basic fundamentals needed to create a socket and send and receive a few UDP packets are well covered many times over on the web. Write again if this isn't your question, or you need more detailed query terms for Google.

You can create he lwIP Demo

You can create he lwIP Demo Application for Standalone_BSP.

Jus create a new project and find it. Threre, lwIP is initalized, you should read the lwIP docu too send and recieve UDP-Frames.

UDP frame type but kind of OSC ..

MikeWhy : Thank you.

KUGA : Thank you very much, you helped me to progress in my project. I created a sample project lwip and I launched in zedboard it is initialized properly and the Ethernet connection between the PC and the zedboard is correct. But I did not find the doc about UDP frames .. By cons I found an interesting code on the internet on the sending and receiving of UDP packets, but I do not know what I should change to send a UDP frame type but kind of OSC (/ 3145731 VCS 0.3). I'll put the code below, thank you.

UDP Example code for send and reeive:

A basic UDP project

I have created a system that uses UDP to transmit and receive data. It transmits a small UDP packet every 0.5 seconds, and receives UDP packets. You can modify it as needed for your application.
The project does not do anything with the UDP data payload it receives -- it just tosses the data. You can easily insert your application code to do something with it.
I have posted the project (along with instructions) on Github here: