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SD Card

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SD Card

I messed up the micro SD boot information, can someone give me the original image that came with it?

Hello Joamota,

Hello Joamota,

You can find the factor image under the Getting Started Guides section under the MicroZed Documentation page.


Can't find the files for QuickStart

I did that! and it worked!
The board now boots as expected but since i formatted the card i can't find the executable referred in the quick start guide.
I found online the files in github and created a folder inside the SD card but i can't find them when searching using the board.
For an instance everytime i plug the SD card in my computer i get 3 different partitions in there: F,G;H (Is it normal?) so i pasted the folder with the files needed for the quickStart in one that says OVERCBOOT(F:) and also in one of the other partitions(i had to format it in order to access it).
Still can't find it. 
Please help i need this fully functional ASAP!
Thanks in advance!
Best regards,
João Mota