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petalinux in sdk

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petalinux in sdk

I am working with 7z020 board and using ISE 14.7.
My problem is when I am making BSP for linux environment then Board support operating system is only "standalone" .
there is no option for "pitalinux"
I search about it and I find the following link

It gives me following error

We cannot fulfill your request due to technical difficulties. Please try again later.

Please do NOT click the back button. Please try again later, and email if you receive this error repeatedly.
Can anyone guide me . How can i get rid off this problem.


  At some point in the past, the PetaLinux tool chain was separated from the Xilinx SDK.  This allowed PetaLinux users to work exclusively in their environment, without the need to generate a BSP that would be imported.   Instead, all that is required is the hardware definition file (.hdf) that can be exported from Vivado to create an SDK project.
The .hdf file is used with "petalinux-config - - get-hardware-description - p <petalinux-project>" , and the tool chain generates the BSP on it's own.
Please take a look at UG1144, particularly at the section "Export Hardware Platform to PetaLinux Project".
Or even better, start with an existing BSP for one of the supported development boards.

Hello Ron

Hello Ron
I am using ISE 14.7 not vivado.
Because of the above mentioned error I want to move on vivado or I want to download petalinux for sdk (ISE 14.7) but the same following error.

We cannot fulfill your request due to technical difficulties. Please try again later.

Please do NOT click the back button. Please try again later, and email if you receive this error repeatedly.

Actually I want to work with SPI (for 7zo
020-1 board) , to transfer data serially.

I already activated spidev in kernal Image now I want fsbl (having petalinux as BSP O/S ).

If I use the standalone (as BSP O/S) then it is not working with UImage and uramdisk.image.gz and etc. Instead it demand zImage and ramdisk.32image.gz.

I tried to make my own boot.bin for that I made my design in XpS. I genrated bit stream after that I export the hardware to sdk and make fsbl with the following method

SDK->New->application project ->
project name->fsbl
hardware platform ->system_hw_platform
processor ->ps7_cortex9_0
OS platform ->standalone
Board support package ->create new
and then selct zynq_fsbl ->result fsbl.elf

I use this fsbl+system.bit+u-boot.elf(recompile by myself)->boot.bin the result is
"reading zImage

** Unable to read "zImage" from mmc 0:1 **
reading devicetree.dtb

9693 bytes read
reading ramdisk32M.image.gz

** Unable to read "ramdisk32M.image.gz" from mmc 0:1 **
## Starting application at 0x00008000 ..."

then I copied zImage and ramdisk32M.image.gz then it stops at the following line
"3871273 bytes read
## Starting application at 0x00008000 ..."

I hope you understand my problem Thanks

when i did petalinux-config

when i did petalinux-config –get-hw-description …. as it is in the user guide UG1144 it is not generating any device tree in the plnx-workspace and i have my BSP for zynq in the same project directory on my virtual machine and I am using petalinux sdk 2017.1
I couldnot see system-top.dts anywhere inside my petalinux prj directory…

Hi Janani,

Hi Janani,

What board are you trying to target?

Also I am going to suggest you also post your question over at the Xilinx forum as there seems to be a discrepancy in what you are seeing and what UG1144 states.


Petalinux2017.2 build error

Hello JFoster,
I use petalinux 2017.2 on CentOS7.3. I crate a project by uz3eg_pciec_2017_2_bsp downloaded from the website. when i build it  with nothing changed, some errors occur. I check all the installation requirements listed in the UG1144. All match except Python. It need Python3.4.0 but it is 2.7.5.
And then i update python version to 3.4.0, however it also failed when build. Errors reads Failed to source bitbake.
And also I try to build project with petalinux2017.2 on Ubuntu16.04. I got the same error.
Totally, I can not succeed to build project with petalinux2017.2.
Do you ever met the same problem?

From the link you have it

From the link you have it looks like you are trying to download the SDSoC developement software, not Vivado or the SDK.
The download link for Vivado is:
The download link for SDK is:
If you download Vivado there is a check box option to install the SDK at the same time. If you still have issues you will need to work with Xilinx directly as there is nothing we can do regarding Xilinx tool downloads.