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Linux on AMPIRE10 Kit

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Linux on AMPIRE10 Kit

Is there any evaluation code for using the 10-inch dispay kit (AES-ALI3-AMPIRE10-G) with the Zynq running Linux? I have looked on the github and can only find what you would call ‘bare metal’ code example projects.

RE: Linux on AMPIRE10 Kit

Hi 400garrison,

We do not have anything publicly available for this since there is little that we can do to support a design which would effectively change every Kernel release.

If you want to PM me, I can share with you a 2015.4 design build on a 4.0 kernel build which serves as a proof-of-concept on how to attach the display direct to a Linux frame buffer and pipe a Qt windowing application to it.

Keep in mind that this design would be for reference only since there are not enough resources to support it ongoing.

Best Regards,