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impendance problem of Zedboard via FMC connector

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impendance problem of Zedboard via FMC connector

Hi, I am the Ph.D student of Stevens Institute of Technology. Our group currently try to build our own a Time-to-digital converter (FMC) that will interact with the Zedboard via FMC connector. This TDC will output LVDS signals, therefore, we plan to use bank 34,35 differential signals. I have a question about the circuit design. 

The Hardware User Guide data sheet mentioned that the LPC FMC requirement is a 50-Ohms impedance single ended.  I am not quite sure what that means. Does that mean we need to connect a 100-Ohms impedance between our differential signals? Or the 100-Ohms impedance is already the load out from the FMC and we just need to hook up our differential signals directly to the FMC? Thank you.



Please refer to these links.

The exercise of putting in your single ended 50-Ohm impedance or differential 100 Ohm impedance is done by your layout expert.