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Creating a boot image

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Creating a boot image

Would anyone be able to let me know I'd create a boot image for the basic hello world example?
I'm following this one, if it matters:
My understanding is to go to Xiliinx Tools -> Create Boot Image
Set a output path for the BOOT.bin file, upload the application project .elf as the bootloaded, add the .bit for the hardware as a datafile, and create the file. 
But when I copy this BOOT.bin file to the SD card, the zedboard will not program. After turning it on, the blue light won't come on. I know it's a problem with my software/boot file as the software that came on the SD card works just fine. 



Please refer to Tutorial 04 located here

This tutorial is for the PicoZed, however you would use the same procedure to create a boot.bin image for Zedboard.

Please confirm after you create your image that you set your boot switched to boot from SD Card.