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Cannot include .hpp file in Vivado HLS (using OpenCV)

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Cannot include .hpp file in Vivado HLS (using OpenCV)

I want to use OpenCV functions in a project in Vivado HLS. Although I have gone through many tutorials by Xilinx regarding this, I couldn't get how to include these header files so that Vivado HLS (2014.2) detects them.

This is what I have done so far:

I created a project to detect Sobel edges on Visual Studio (2010). My code works well with this (I am using OpenCV version 2.4.9).

I use this same project with Vivado HLS. These are the steps:

I open VivadoHLS, and click on Create New Project. I give a project name as Sobel_Edge (located on C Drive).
Click on Add Files. Browse to the path where I have the Visual Studio Project (in C Drive) and select the EdgeSobel.cpp file. Click on Next.
It then asks for the testbench files. I select the same file (EdgeSobel.cpp) and also select an input image (Img2_g.bmp). Click on Next. Solution Configuration is xq7z020cl1400-2i. Click on OK and Finish.
Now, I click on C Synthesis.

I get an error saying core.hpp is not found, although it is present in the location: E:\Xilinx\Vivado_HLS\2014.2\include\opencv2\core.

When I type the entire location of core.hpp as:

#include <E:/Xilinx/Vivado_HLS/2014.2/include/opencv2/core/core.hpp>

then this file, core.hpp is detected but types_c.h will not be detected, since it'll only be

#include "opencv2/core/types_c.h"
Here too, when I give the entire path as mentioned below, the error goes and the next file will not be detected.

#include "E:/Xilinx/Vivado_HLS/2014.2/include/opencv2/core/types_c.h"
So basically, it expects me to give the entire path of where the file is located in all lines within the header files. Is there a way by which I can set the directory, so that it looks in the same path always?

What are the settings I have to make?

Let me know if any other information is required to help me solve this issue.


vivado HLS opencv error

i also got the same error anyone please hep me out..
thanks in advance.



Please post this question over at the Xilinx support forum.

Thank you,