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Analog Devices

High Resolution Audio and Video

Included on the ZedBoard are high performance analog components from Analog Devices. ADI also provides the HDL code and Linux drivers for these components.
ADV7511: 225 MHz, high performance HDMI® transmitter with ARC (HDL includes S/PDIF for audio over HDMI)
ADAU1761: SigmaDSP® stereo, low power, 96 kHz, 24-bit audio codec with integrated PLL. Download the SigmaStudio graphical development tool to program the ADAU1761.


Connecting FPGAs to Analog Devices

Analog Devices develops industry-leading analog solutions to complement FPGA systems. Easy interface and connectivity of ADI components to FPGAs is enabled through the use of FMC boards, interposers, and Pmods. Learn more at


AD-FMCOMMS1 + ZedBoard = SDR Kit                    ADI daughter boards connect to Xilinx FPGAs using a FMC interposer

Software and Support

•For seamless system-level integration, ADI offers HDL interface code, device drivers, and reference designs. Visit the ADI wiki site for a full listing of design projects.

•Find answers to your design questions in the Analog Devices’ FPGA Reference Design support community


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