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Adding lib bug in SDK?

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Adding lib bug in SDK?

Hi guys,

By default I have the following rules as libraries added in my project:

-Wl,--start-group,-lxil,-lfreertos,-lgcc,-lc,--end-group -Wl,--start-group,-lxil,-llwip4,-lgcc,-lc,--end-group

As soon as I add my own library, the project gets corrupted.

cannot find -l-Wl,--start-group,-lxil,-llwip4,-lgcc,-lc,--end-group

The SDK places a -l in front of both rules.

I can temporary fix this by removing them in my file, but next rebuild you will have the same issue.

How can I fix this?

Set Software Platform Inferred Flags

Hopefully you are not still working on this after 5 years but...
Don't add it under Libraries but instead add it under Application / Properties / C/C++Build  /ARM v7 gcc linker / Software Platform / Software Platfrom Inferred Flags