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Opsero Quad Gigabit Ethernet FMC

4 x Gigabit Ethernet PHYs
Marvell Gigabit Ethernet PHYs for maximum network compatibility and performance.

Vita 57 compliant LPC
Vita 57 compliant Low-pin-count FMC connector for compatibility with all FMC carriers.

125MHz Oscillator
LVDS differential output oscillator to supply the FPGA with a clock for the Ethernet MACs.

Reference designs
Fully functional example designs available for download on Github.

Glenair PCB-Mount Opto-Electronic Transceiver FMC Module Kits

Glenair has developed small, extremely rugged, PCB mount transceivers, transmitters and receivers that enable reliable fiber optic solutions in Military and Aerospace applications.
Speed up your development and take advantage of FMC Transceiver Module Evaluation/Demonstration kits. One kit is targeted for applications up to 5Gbps and another is capable of up to 10Gbps

Opsero Robust Quad Gigabit Ethernet FMC

Quad Gigabit Ethernet FPGA Mezzanine Card that is easily integrated with the ZedBoard or MicroZed + FMC Carrier. Vadj of 1.8V or 2.5V supported.

  • 4 x 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet Ports
  • LPC FMC: Pin compatible with ZedBoard, MicroZed FMC Carrier, and other compliant FMC carriers
  • 125MHz Oscillator for the MAC
  • Reference designs for the ZedBoard
  • Straightforward tech support


HDMI Input/Output FMC module with Camera Interface

The FMC-HDMI-CAM FMC module provides high-definition video interfaces for Xilinx® FMC-enabled baseboards. An HDMI video source can provide video content to the module. The module also provides an HDMI output to display FPGA driven video content. The FMC module also provides a camera interface for optional camera modules.